Fluid Motion
Lyrics by The Entity

I chant my mantras, leaving you nonplused
Impostors, hell-bent on peddling nostrum
My reverie fosters fear in you false ones
You're pedaling faster, trying to outfox the proctor
Of skill tests, watch as I build this
And if you're still pressed to press the circumspect
I accept and access your chest
With a twenty-ton steel press, now you're impressed
You feel stress
'cause your value is less, you're twisting powder and cess
Trying to get to levels I just left
I just laugh,
'cause I'm deaf, def
Death defying, redefining fresh in-depth
Flying pestilence
the locust
Craziest, tones inflect and hence it's spoken
Absurd word, I'm superb with serve, crush, kill, destroy
All directives for wrecking
Even get retarded and sling blades, I reckon
Niggas get ate when I straight check 'em
I know the comp that's most wanted is those with no heart
That'll be frazzled or dazzled by the sparks when it starts
But I'm unfazed, praised like sunrays
And my wicked ways braise your brains, I stays brazen
Needles way in the red on your gauges
Make a whimpering coward out of your crew's most courageous
Melt your blued steel and your stainless
The process is painless-empty gazes, bodies in stasis
Fugazis, in this business solely for wages
You're weightless, floating, unworthy of quoting
My intelligence quotient is in fluid motion
Growing, rollercoasting over unbridled emotion
Emoting, mind smoldering, molten
Keep it wide open as we, as we

Push, we press on, trailblaze each page a maze,
used to astound and amaze we
Push, forward movement, improvement,
it's ear soothing, dial it in and fine tune it we
Push, over hordes of MC's,
the likes of whom doomed opposing the likes of these we
Push using the mind of an endless source of relentless force,
plotting my course of course

Now I'ma get sick like Vonnegut for all you elegant delegates
Develop this, envelop it in eloquence, have you seeing pink elephants
Electric elements, holographic, rhythmic, cataclysmic
What is this? Raw business, take an inference, keep your distance
Get tossed like a discus, the first who flinches
More depth in my verse than Mencius, I crept from diverse dimensions
With verbal extensions, honorable mentions, nerve pinching, clinching
Increase attention, decrease the tension, gut wrenching, inching
Close to the edge, open your head, get fed, shit yeah, sit there
Imbibe, vibe, sensory overload override, for those here for the ride
Snap in when I'm rapping, nerve-wracking, creaking, cracking, crackling
Play-acting punks are packing 'cause the punch I'm packing
Catch 'em lunching, lacking equipment, waiting on a shipment, slipping
I move in with cruel intentions, asphyxiate with emissions
So fixate on my fixings, make the hips gyrate on the vixens
I reign, irate malevolent, maladjusted plus irreverent
My presence is pertinent, with a multiple array of purposes:
Establish permanence,
ravage the savage, perfidious with garrulous, perilous
Experiments, searching for evidence then I serve your severance
Ain't no backpedaling from impediments, I'm straight off ahead in this
Endeavoring, by the minute I'm bettering, I've been a rhyme veteran
Living this, indifferent to the woo of the dividends, UPLIFTMENT
Ain't no ambivalence, just patience, pugnacious,
with the strengths to crush nations
Rock-hard shell crustaceans
Battlestations, dammit! Don't want to hear no lamentations
Strategic cannon placement, enemies they vanish vanquished
They can't escape it, always animated, never vapid
On any occasion, I'm privy to frivolous fascination
With fabrication, lacing my gab with decorations
Subject to changes, I fail to see the aim in sameness
Sign these disclaimers absolving me of any injuries
Sustained as the result of being my vocal focus
No hocus pocus or smoke and mirrors in what's spoken here
Invoking fear, a specialty I've honed over years
Provoking tears in any who happen to overhear
An overlord, abhorred for going overboard
Supernova born, forced into existence's scorn
Coursing through your system with otherworldly wisdom

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
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