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08.10.03 - New BBS Forum Online - In anticipation of our new releases, we've re-instated a BBS forum on the site. We hope you enjoy this addition. Please, feel free to hit it up by clicking here.

04.05.02 - Fluid Motion Lyrics - Due to popular request, we've posted the lyrics to our freely available MP3, "Fluid Motion". Keep dropping us emails! Holla!!

03.03.02 - Audio Interview - Journalist Pete Babb interviewed The Entity & SUPREMEeX in August 2000; 2 months before word of "PROJECTO : 2501" had hit the streets. For you now is the complete 26 minute interview in streaming RealAudio. The roundtable discussion details the album's origins & methods of conceptualization, and thus expands into philosophical discourse regarding technology, human life & the future of consciousness. One luv to Pete Babb for providing us with the tape.

07.01.01 - CD Enhanced - The PROJECTO team is happy to announce the CD version of PROJECTO : 2501 is Enhanced! Pop the disc into your PC or MAC, and be treated to extended material such as movies of SUPREMEeX & The Entity in the studio recording, an original cartoon featuring "Cowboy", pre-production design sketches by illustrator OneUp and more. Maintained as a secret up until now, you can order the CD online by clicking here. Enjoy.

06.23.01 - Free MP3 Download - Courtesy to our viewers and supporters worldwide, we've included a full download of "Fluid Motion" (5M) available now at our Sounds page. Please enjoy and thank you so much for supporting our efforts. One luv.

06.23.01 - Press Section Added - Available at the site is our new Press section including transcribes of magazine articles, interviews and reviews that we have been in or PROJECTO featured within. Let us know what you think!

06.20.01 - Discussion Board Added - We've added a Discussion Board section to the site for conversations and discourse about PROJECTO, its artists and like-minded subjects. Have fun and enjoy!

05.26.01 - Release Party Pictures - On April 26th, 2001, The Entity & SUPREMEeX hosted their CD / Record Release party and show in Philadelphia, PA. Here are 2 pictures from the show. Click for a larger image. More to follow.

05.01.01 - Compact Disc Now Available- PROJECTO : 2501 is now available on CD. To order online, visit The Giant Peach. Copies have been dispatched to 3 major, national retailers and should be hitting physical store fronts within the next 2 weeks. One luv and thank you for your support and feedback.

04.20.01 - Tee Shirts Now Available! - Official PROJECTO tee shirts are now available in M, S, L, XL and XXL! Swing over to The Giant Peach to cop a feel!

04.06.01 - Show / Record Release Party : Philadelphia- The vinyl record of PROJECTO released in November 2000 has done exceptionally well and we thank everyone for your support and feedback. To celebrate the release of the CD version of PROJECTO dropping later this month, The Entity & SUPREMEeX will be throwing an official album release party and show in Philadelphia PA. Spearheaded by Ultimate Party Promoter, EMC, this is one gathering not to miss. Below are full details. Look also for opening performances from the Arrakis Records family and Tangled Thoughts. One luv!

April 26th, 2001 (Thursday)
Eden Rock - 1437 South St. Philadelphia PA
10 - 2am
$10 / $8 With Flyer
Three Rooms

03.22.01 - U.K. Distribution - Cargo Distribution has picked up the record and is distributing the title within the United Kingdom. Much thanks to all those involved in making this happen. Extra special Bow-Wow's to Bill, the man. One luv

01.11.01 - HipHop infinity - HipHop Infinity now carries the PROJECTO record in their catalogue. Much thanks to Jay on the look-out!

12.29.00 - HipHopSite - HipHopSite.Com now carries the PROJECTO record in their catalogue. Swing over now to pick up a copy! Thanks to Pizzo & Warren Peace.

12.07.00 - XLR8R - Cover Story - PROJECTO : 2501 graces the front cover of issue no. 46 of XLR8R Magazine as fusing "music with new visual media". Inside, we have a full 3 pages all to ourselves, featuring a beautiful layout showcasing a lot of the artwork involved in PROJECTO, as well as many of OneUp's early design sketches. An interview with The Entity & SUPREMEeX rounds out the article, written by Peter Babb, and we can not extend enough thanks to those involved in making this happen. The issue goes on sale at newsstands around the U.S. December 12th and will be available in retail stores such as Borders and Tower Records/Books. Please click here to see a cover scan and a lovely quote from the article.

12.05.00 - Sandbox Automatic, FoolBlown -
2 additional online stores/distributors have picked up PROJECTO for sale and distribution. Sandbox Automatic now carries the record under their "LP/EP" section, listed as "Entity & SUPREMEeX". FoolBlown sells the album under their "Vinyl" section, under "PROJECTO : 2501".

11.20.00 - URB Magazine -
The December 2000 issue of URB Magazine has a lovely, lovely review of PROJECTO : 2501. One luv to PB and the URB crew. Please click here to view an image of the cover and a quote or two.

11.20.00 - Bulletin Board -
Check out the PROJECTO : 2501 bulletin board now being hosted at Hieroglyphics Dot Com.

11.02.00 - VICE Magazine -
The latest issue of VICE Magazine (Volume 7, Number 8) has a fantastic review of PROJECTO : 2501. Thanks to Hot Carl and all the cats at VICE for the love! Click here to view an image of the cover and a few quotes.

11.02.00 - PROJECTO Now Available!! -
PROJECTO : 2501 is now officially available for purchase! Click here to find out how and where you can grab yourself a copy. Everyone: Thank you for your support!!

10.16.00 - Radio Free Tokyo -
Website Radio Free Tokyo has taken notice of PROJECTO : 2501 and added a link in their news section for the date, 10.16.00. Beautiful site. Thanks to everyone at RFT!

10.11.00 - THREE.OH Inspirational Kingdom -
Inspirational Kingdom, THREE.OH has shown PROJECTO : 2501 love in the "External News" section of their site for the date, 10.11.00. A personal favorite of SUPREMEeX's, we thank the cats at THREE.OH for their support. It was a lovely honor and surprise to be recognized. Thank you once again.

10.09.00 - PROJECTO : 2501 Featured In SLAP! Magazine
- The October 2000 issue of "SLAP" Skateboarding Magazine has a full feature dedicated to PROJECTO : 2501 along with an interview with The Entity, SUPREMEeX and Character Illustrator, Colm. Please click here to view the cover and a quote from the review. Thanks to Nate and the crew at SLAP!

10.09.00 - ECKO & PROJECTO
- You can catch The Entity & SUPREMEeX on "Some of the Coolest Rappers You Never Heard Pt. II" presented by Ecko Unlimited and Bukue One. The limited edition compilation will be available on CD in Australia and New Zealand ONLY and will come FREE with any Ecko T-Shirt purchased. The compilation is scheduled for release in November 2000.

10.09.00 - The Entity & SUPREMEeX Officially Announce "PROJECTO: 2501"
- The Entity and SUPREMEeX have officially announced their debut record, PROJECTO : 2501 via their website of the same name, located at The storybook record conveys the tale of a hologram as played by Souls of Mischief's Tajai who breaks free of his binding circuit in an attempt to destroy humanity. The project consists of the lyrical talents of guest emcees Shing02 and Major Terror, along with DJ's JayBiz of the Hieroglyphics Imperium, DJ Low-Budget of Philadelphia and DJ Nozawa of Terracotta Troupe Interground. Character illustrations were produced by digital artist Colm of OneUp Design Studios, with art direction for the project conducted by's Stinke. Currently being manufactured, the record will go on sale in early November, 2000 in record stores throughout the U.S. and online.

10.09.00 - SUPREMEeX Collaborates With EA Sports - You can hear the music of SUPREMEeX in Electronic Arts / EA Sports Playstation college hoops videogame, "March Madness 2000" currently on sale in videogame stores nationwide. Electronic Arts is the largest manufacturer and distributor of videogames in the world. SUPREMEeX thanks JWhiz, Lord Jazz and the March Madness 2000 team.